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Ballpoint cat by SofieRogers

Vision - Overall, this is very nice. You have obviously spent a lot of time drawing the fur texture, and it gives the cat a soft, fluffy look. Also, the eyes are quite nice too. You've added light reflection on the pupil and that made it seem less dry and more realistic.
Originality - This picture reminds me a bit of the Cheshire cat, especially the eyes and the almost cartoon-ish round face. There's not much meaning or originality to this picture, just a cat. However, I really like your cartoony mixed with realism style in this one, so I thought that was pretty creative.
Technique - Though your fur texture is good, you should learn more about cats if you wish to draw them realistically and life-like. The fur surroundin the muzzle, nose, and small parts of the chin should be very short, almost like peach fuzz. Also, you should study the direction of where fur usually grow in that of cats. Fur doesn't go from the nose bridge down, it actually spreads from the middle of the cat's mouth, and the fur does not spread from the corner of its eyes like that, instead, it doesn't at all. The fur from the nose should cover up all the way to the forehead. There's more you need to know, but I think you get my drift. Also, the anatomy of the face is inaccurate. I'm not sure if you were going for realism or cartoony or semi-realism, but if you want it to resemble a real cat, you should search for pictures of their faces and try to replicate their skulls. If you were going for a semi-realism/cartoony look, then this is just fine, though the fur direction should still apply.
Impact - This picture has a very nice style to it. I like its eyes the most, because again, it keeps reminding me of the Cheshire cat.
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